Run a Firework Display

Would you like to design and run your own firework display?

No problem at The Fireworkers!  We have a huge range of quality display fireworks of all sizes – you choose! This article will guide through everything that you need to consider.

Make an appointment?

We can offer you an individual time to run through your requirements and help choose your fireworks if required.

How long you would like your display to last?

This is dependant on the size of the display you are producing. For example, a garden display for children would have a much longer duration, and lower firing height than a display for older children, families and adults.  For a large calibre display, set out at various positions and continuously fired we would recommend a duration of between 5 and 10 minutes, although of course this is entirely up to you!

What Size is Your Firing Site?  Are there any houses/obstructions nearby?

The type of Fireworks you can select will be determined by the size of your site.  As part of your initial planning for health and safety you will need to assess the area you will be using.  Most domestic gardens will fall into the Category F2 8 metre Firework Range and Category F3 25 metre range.  For Rockets you will need to consider their flight path, always remember that Rockets are the only Firework to FLY INTO THE WIND so will fly in an opposite direction to barrages. Rockets also can drop debris, so consider your surroundings before setting them off.

Have you notified your neighbours?

When setting off fireworks, its always a good idea to notify your neighbours. Fireworks can cause distress for people and animals, by letting your neighbours know that you’re planning a display they can be prepared.

Planning Your Firework Choice

Have a Budget in mind before you come to see us at The Fireworkers.

Unlike some others, we will always take the amount you are happy to spend and work within that budget. We will help you get the most for your money and will not leave our shop feeling you have spent more than you are happy with.

Know the safety distance you will need from the advice above, this will clearly set out the fireworks which are suitable for your location and that you can be secure in choosing.

Try and choose a variety of colours and effects. As a rule you should start with a firework which will impress as an introduction into your display. A mix of effects will form the main part of the show and we encourage for the final minute you should build to your finale, so have a think about some fireworks which fire in a faster pattern, fill the sky and maybe even include some rockets for that finale bang!

Display Site Plan

You should consider which order in which you should light your fireworks, this will give the most impressive display from your fireworks.  Number the fireworks so that you are happy and clear in which order they would be best to light.  This is a service that we are happy to provide and is regardless of budget, we offer it to every customer.

Setting Out Your Fireworks

Be prepared prior to the date of your display with plenty of plastic bags, tape and stakes to secure each firework. Even if the weather is set to be dry it is better to make sure that no moisture can be absorbed into the bottom of the firework which would stop it firing. We would always recommend waterproofing for this reason, its better to be safe rather than have a part fired firework to dispose of later. 

Allow plenty of space between fireworks and set out each position in their number order.

Consider your route and access

Which way will you light the fireworks and stick to it. Line up the fuses on the same side, so that you don’t have to keep switching sides. 

When you cover the fireworks with plastic, leave the fuse area easy to access. As you near firing time, you can then free the fuse just before you start lighting, keeping it dry until the last minute. 


This might sound fairly self explanatory, but it is very important. The tops and bottoms of fireworks can sometimes look very similar, so make sure that the tubes are clearly visible at the top.

Stake your fireworks at the front centre

if you have a fan effect you may want to stake at each side also, make sure that the stake securing the firework does not interfere with the firing of the effect and that the line of flight of the product is clear. You will require for small garden fireworks a metal tent peg stake or similar wooden, for larger fireworks we use wooden stakes made from batton which is very effective.  Tape round the firework on the stake, this will then be secure for your display.

Set up your Rockets away from your Cakes

Rockets should be set up further back and it’s a good idea to build these into your route during the display for ease of firing. Make sure that Rockets are set up and launched from a suitable Rocket tube as this may affect the safe firing of the Rocket if not. Do not put the Rocket sticks into the ground, they need to be free to rise for safe results. Do not use if the sticks are broken or damaged in any way as the Rocket would be likely to fire erratically.

Safely lighting your fireworks

Once you are ready to light, make sure you have a good supply of Portfires to light with, as it will be dark a piece of tape on the end which you hold is a good idea. When the display is underway, do not deviate from your route and work through your firing plan, if a firework fails to ignite or does not fire continuously do not go back to that firework you will need to deal with that later. Once you have finished the display you will need to leave the fireworks for a period of at least 30 minutes before checking for mis fires, if there are any these should be submerged in water before disposal.

Most of all, have fun, enjoy choosing your fireworks and running your own display! And remember for next year, which were your favourites!