Low Noise Fireworks

Are you thinking about planning a low noise fireworks display?

In recent years the quality and selection of low noise fireworks has improved dramatically.  Demand is high for Low Noise fireworks and here at The Fireworkers we can recommend a great selection for your own display. They add spectacular effects, without the bang.

Demand for Low Noise Fireworks is increasing year on year, and popularity now is the highest it’s ever been.

Most important areas to start with are;

  1. Display Location
  2. Size of Display Site
  3. Distance to Audience
  4. Size of Audience (are there any young children)
  5. Preferred effects or Colours
  6. Duration of Display
  7. Budget
  8. Are you in close proximity to animals?

Which low noise fireworks are right for me?

We stock a very large selection of Low Noise effects, to allow for different locations, firing site restrictions and types of audience. Whether your display is for adults, families with young children or a weddings, low noise fireworks are very effective and can even coordinate with your event colours.  Silver Strobe Waterfalls, Falling Leaves, Comets, Spinners and Crossettes are some effects that are very enjoyable.

At The Fireworkers we are unique in our selection available to the public for their own displays, we use the products in our professional displays regularly which means we can confidently recommend effects for your show with the knowledge we have built over many years.

Demand for Low Noise Fireworks is increasing year on year, and popularity now is the highest it’s ever been.  Every season we look at refreshing our stock with new effects available, meaning your display will never look the same. However, we do always keep the most popular items year on year if you have a particular favourite!

An example of one of our most popular low noise fireworks are ‘Slow Then Go’ alongside ‘Chemical Romance’ from Celtic Fireworks. These are great examples of display quality large bore fireworks without the noise. 

Imperial Lotus offer a Barrage Pack of different size fireworks which will provide a continuous varied display of 4 minutes. Combined with some 25 Shot Fan Effects, they could be all that you would need to perform a really impressive semi professional display. 

We can offer to help you through the process of choosing your low noise fireworks.

If needed, we can offer support to help you to plan your display safely.

We are able to guide you through our quality range of fireworks and effects to bring variety to your show.  Also, it is vitally important that the fireworks that you purchase are suitable for your location and we can help with that.

We can design your show for you if required and provide a firing list and site plan of the fireworks for ease of use on the evening.

Videos are also available on the website for our Low Noise fireworks so that you can view before you buy.  We are more than happy to help as much or as little as you want us to.